• Page divided by Three section:
    1. Project Info
    2. Benefit Information
    3. Approver
  • Update project completion
  • Type In Project Leader remark in remark column
  • Click on "Attachment Icon" to browse and upload file
  • Type In Project Objective/Goal
  • Add Project Metric Info by inserting Items, Baseline and Target
  • By clicking on Add button, new Project Metric will be add
  • Click on Edit Icon to remove or edit Project Metric from list
  • User can Click Header to expand or close section to save space

    DEFINE-Financial Benefit

  • Type In value for Project Financial Benefits, entered value will be automatically time by 1000
  • Click Dteail Breakdown Link to specify saving defnition
  • Click Menu Icon to add, reset or update saving
  • Type In Project Financial Benefits Calculation in Optional Input column
  • List of Approver and Approval Status is show at Approver section
  • Leader can change Approver by click on the Change Approver Button, only Approver with Default Approval status can be change
  • Click on "Save" button to save update. When project status is 100% completion, Save Button Will Change To Submit Button and Leader can Submit Project for Approval
  • If Project Phase Disapprove, PL need to Resubmit again for approval