• Deliverable Page can be navigate from List Of Assign Project and Notification
  • In the Page Click "Tool Wizard" button to view Six Sigma DMAIC Wizard page
  • Deliverable Page Must be complete before user can proceed to DMAIC phase
  • Click step one to insert time line for the project
  • Click The Text box to pick date from calendar
  • To end the process click Add button to save data and cancel button to cancel process


  • Click Step 2 to choose team member
  • List on the left is available team member and the list on the right is assigned team member
  • Click Checkbox to select or remove team member from both category
  • after finish, click save button to update team member.


  • Step 3 need Project Leader to select approver
  • Click Step 3 button to select approver. Four role will be view in the popup. each role might have more than one approver.
  • Choose one approver for each role.
  • Complete the process by click save button and cancel button to cancel selection


  • approver for project Phase that had been approved cannot be change
  • to edit approver, click change approver button


  • Click the change approver button will show the extended button and form
  • Select Role to change and the new approver for the project
  • Click Confirm button to confirm selection and click cancel button to cancel
  • Close the popup to proceed to Completion step


  • after finish step 1 unitil step 3, user can check data that they input at table listed below the button
  • User only can complete Deliverable when user finish all step 1 to step 3. system will give notification if the input not complete
  • By clicking Step 4 user will complete the Deliverable step, and system will navigate user automatically to Six Sigma page